Sabrina Manson: Animator and Artist

Profile Photo by Sabrina Manson

For many people, art is an escape. Whether through drawing, writing or making music, art can be a perfect release for all sorts of emotions and daily tensions. In many ways, it is one of the most accessible ways to maintain both mental and physical health because it is usually available to people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It is also a magnificent way to communicate and express complex ideas and feelings that we are just not able to articulate in spoken words.

Although the use of art as a means of expression and catharsis is important for people of all ages, it is perhaps most critical for young people who are still in the midst of developing both a more complete set of language and verbal skills to communicate their thoughts and beliefs, but, more importantly, still developing a clear sense of who they are, how they fit into the world and what it is exactly that they want to say or stand for.

Art Motif Magazine’s next featured artist, 14-year-old Sabrina Manson, is an 8th grader in Nogales, AZ. She is also a perfect example of how art can serve as an ideal outlet, how it can give our imagination flight and allow us to create alternate worlds and universes where characters, themes and storylines somehow help us better understand and make sense of the people and situations in our real world.

Summer by Sabrina Manson

 What kind of art do you like to make? I like to make a sort of realistic and anime type of art. 

Self-Portrait by Sabrina Manson

How old were you when you first started making art? I was about 4 years old when I started to draw and I was around 8 years old when drawing became a passion. When I turned 12, I was given an iMac and that’s when I turned to digital animation.

Memorial by Sabrina Manson

What do you love most about making art? What I like most about art is that you get to take a moment in time and draw it and keep it for as long as you like. The second thing I like about art is that you get to express what you feel and imagine. Expressing feelings is what I’m most passionate about in my art pieces.

Posing for the Camera by Sabrina Manson

Are there any artists that you admire or look up to? I look up to Jaiden Animations, WalkingMelonsAAA, Tamaytka, Szin, Kasey Golden, Grittysugar, GinjaNinjaOWO, and CheapCookiez. They are all online artists.

Virus in 1931 by Sabrina Manson

Do you think your art has changed as you have gotten older? My art style has definitely changed. I have really started focusing more on human figures and animals. I also now use water colors and digital art as my main ways of creating and drawing.

Wolf by Sabrina Manson

What kind of art supplies do you like to use? Mainly I use digital art. I use SketchBook Pro. When I draw and paint traditionally, I use mechanical pencils, Copic and Micron markers and pens, and I’ve also started using more watercolors.

Cool Kids by Sabrina Manson

What inspires you to make art? What makes you feel creative? Pixar movies, medieval songs or instruments, the forest in the White Mountains, my backyard, fairy tales, stories, TV shows, mythical stories and creatures all inspire me to make art.

Where’s Russel? by Sabrina Manson

When do you find time to work on your art? I am always doing art. Constantly in school, during breakfast, lunch, dinner, when my brother or sister go to their game competitions. I am always drawing and sometimes even getting in trouble at school because I do it so much. 🙂

Tattoos by Sabrina Manson

Are there any comments people have made about your art that stand out in your mind? Yes. People have said that I am a great artist, that I have great imagination, that I am very young to be doing such great things! I was told that the animated story I made about Hamilton was outstanding.

Lafayette! by Sabrina Manson

Do you have any favorite writers or authors? JK Rowling and Stephen King are my favorite writers. I love to read about fantasy, science fiction and horror. They are my favorite genres to read.

What the Hell Did I Miss? by Sabrina Manson

Do you have any favorite painters or artists? My favorite painters are Bob Ross, Frida Kahlo, and Pablo Picasso. I love their art and the way they paint. I think their artworks are beautiful. In terms of digital artists, I really like the ones I mentioned above including Jaiden Animations, WalkingMelonsAAA, Tamaytka, Szin, Kasey Golden, Grittysugar, GinjaNinjaOWO, and CheapCookiez.

Sunset by Sabrina Manson

Do you have any favorite musicians? Michael Giacchino and Cavetown are my favorite musicians. Mostly I listen to musicals, but I’m starting to listen to Michael Biacchino and Cavetown more often.

Best Friends by Sabrina Manson

Do you have any favorite heroes/heroines? My parents are my heroes because of their hard work and because they are so loving.

Love at First Sight by Sabrina Manson

Do you have a favorite motto or saying? I have three:

“Art is not always about pretty things, it’s about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives were affected.” – Elizabeth Broun

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” – Cesar Cruz

“Beautiful things aren’t perfect.” – Egyptian Proverb

At New York by Sabrina Manson

What is your idea of happiness? Happiness is when you forget about everything, all tensions, and start living in the moment. Happiness is when you can do what your heart wants to do.

Sabrina Manson

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