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In it’s simplest form, motif is defined as a decorative design or pattern.

In the larger context of art, a motif represents a distinctive, often repeated feature or dominant idea in an artistic composition. In narrative, for example, it may be a recurring element—a sound, an object, a scent—that holds a symbolic significance in the story. In music, it may be a brief melodic or rhythmic passage, a perceivable succession of notes that, when repeated throughout the musical piece, produce a longer, mellifluous impression.

Whether in narrative, music, folklore, textile, visual or performance art, motifs help weave small fragmented art elements together to produce a larger, more meaningful artistic whole.

The mission of Art Motif Magazine is to create a virtual tapestry where artists, writers, musicians, performers and creators with a broad and diverse range of ideas, styles, tastes and backgrounds come together to showcase their work and share the ideas, elements and moods that drive them to create.

Featured Artists

Cecilia Martinez: Writer, Poet and Visual Creator

In many ways, the healing process is a process of creativity. It is an exercise in going deep within ourselves to piece together courage, strength, and hope in order to create something meaningful from what is otherwise chaotic. It is our body’s intrinsic ability to soothe a lost or broken spirit in order to help it chart …

Isabella Barrón: Art Motif Creative Youth Liaison and Writer

In this issue of Art Motif Magazine, we would like to introduce our new creative youth liaison and writer, Isabella Barrón. Isabella is a first-year Journalism student at the University of Arizona. She is a 2018 graduate of Nogales High School in Nogales, Arizona where she wrote for the student-run newspaper The WarCry. Isabella is also interested …


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